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Chimney Inspections Insurance Grand Rapids, MI

We provide real estate inspections for buyers and sellers on short notice and they are very affordable! If you are buying a house with a chimney you need a specific chimney inspection!

Chimney Inspections for Real Estate

Even if the current homeowner provides you with a copy of the inspection report, it’s still a good idea to hire your own real estate chimney inspector. Home inspectors don’t necessarily focus as much energy into inspecting chimneys as one of our chimney sweeps does.

Chimney Inspections for Insurance

If you have had a chimney fire, or a severe storm has recently passed through your area, you’ll want to schedule a chimney inspection before using your fireplace. We will be able to find any damage to the inside and outside of the chimney, as well as damage to accessible chimney-related areas. We will then provide you with a copy of the report to give to your insurance company.

The chimney inspectors at Kent Chimney Inc. are dedicated to helping homeowners streamline the real estate process and maintain safe functional chimneys. If you are interested in learning more about chimney inspections for homeowner’s insurance and real estate, give us a call at (616) 949-7722.

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